Let me just start off by saying this pregnancy has NOT gone as planned. AT ALL. But I guess they never do right? I was totally convinced that with this being baby #4… I would have this down to a science. Nope. My energy was amazing the first few weeks and I was able to run my first 5k. I kept waiting for morning sickness to slap me in the face and it never really did… which is a HUGE difference from my other pregnancies. I seriously threw up 3-4 times total. Which is unheard of for me.

But something I did not anticipate was the FATIGUE. Like holy crap… did I just forget how tired I was with my previous pregnancies? Or was it just horrible this time? I have no idea. But I had NO energy from about 8 weeks onward. Hence the fact I haven’t updated the blog since my initial pregnancy post. So all the hopes and dreams I had for this pregnancy… are OUT THE WINDOW. And I’m laughing at myself and how I thought I’d be able to run a 10k at this point in my pregnancy.

So with this pregnancy being so different from my others… I was convinced I was having a girl. Completely convinced. I have 1 girl already… and her pregnancy was slightly easier then both the boys. So yeah… it made total sense that this one was a girl. I even bought some girl clothes. Then my doctor saw some very obvious boy business dangling between his legs on an ultrasound and we were SHOOK.

Boys are great. And let me tell you why… they LOVE THEIR MAMAS. My daughter is all about her daddy. But my boys would never leave my side if they had the option. So this just means more love for me right?? Right.