Call it boredom or call it indecisiveness… but I redecorate every year or 2. Or at least I have been while my “style” has been evolving. I loved the farmhouse look a few years back… but I grew out of that super fast. Then when we moved to San Diego I adapted a more modern style that incorporated lots of bright white, gold, and marble accents. And I loved that for a long time. But over time my living room started to look and feel cold and uninviting. So I decided it was time to go a different direction…

And we are totally in love with the outcome. Our living room has taken on a desert/boho/modern look that incorporates lots of warm colors and bold patterns and textures.

This corner of my living room used to be our “office” area. But it never got used. Like ever. I don’t think I’ve used this area as an office space since we moved here. The desk just collected random items from around the house that didn’t have a designated spot.

So yeah SUPER boring corner.

But after a weekend of shopping and watching my husband as he did all the actual work…


Our new play area!! And our new favorite spot in the house. We took the desk away and replaced it with floating natural wood cabinets for toy storage, a beautiful gallery wall, a gorgeous rug, and lots of green accents. I will link everything we used in this post. This corner is now warm, inviting, beautiful, AND practical.

Floating cabinets 

We bought 2 of the 32x12x33 cabinets and mounted them to the wall. These fit multiple 11′ storage boxes for toys. We also keep one shelf free for books.

Gold Hardware 

I love this hardware for the cabinets because it gives them a more expensive/anthropologie kind of look.


We bought this rug in the 8×5 size. It’s the perfect pop of color and pattern. It has more of a pink/rusty color in person (BEAUTIFUL) than it does online. Also the pattern is much more prominent in person.

Faux Cactus 

Beautiful decor item but definitely over priced in my opinion. It was worth it though!

Wicker Pouf

After this picture was taken I actually went back and bought a second pouf. I keep them stacked on top of each other until the kids take them down to use them. They are cute and sturdy. Perfect so they don’t always have to sit on the floor or for mini tables for them to play on.


We bought 6 of these frames in the 16.25×20″ size. They are large and really make a statement. I printed my pictures at Staples in the 12×18 POSTER size. This worked perfectly for these frames.

Gold Mirror 

Floating Shelf 


This is the pot that is under the mirror and we used 2 plants from Ikea to put inside of it. I couldn’t find the plants on their website… sorry!

Wicker Basket

Ceramic Cactuses 

I loved these so much that I bought a second set for our room.

Candle Holders 

This is what the OLD toy area used to look like.

The gold shelving with cube unit storage boxes for the toys was cute at first… but was hard to keep looking clean and put together.

But since we moved the toy area… I now had to figure something out for this corner as well.

This is what I came up with.

A hanging macrame chair! I’m in love. The kids love it and use it for reading or tablet time and I use it for rocking Ryatt to sleep. It adds a whimsical, airy feel to the room. And I have received so many compliments on it. Maybe I’ll do a hanging macrame chair give away??? Hmmm.

I will continue to add to this post as I complete my new living room piece by piece.

If you use my posts for inspiration I would love to see your new space!! Send me pictures!