Edit: In light of Covid19 I reactivated all of my social media to be able to connect with everyone and stay up to date with things.

I made the decision in October last year to deactivate all of my social media. My oldest son had said something like “Why are you always on your phone?” And that was it… I was done. My original idea was to stay offline for a year and see how it improved our lives. But I have been so happy without it… I may never go back! 

My life is now just that… MY life. I’m not constantly comparing it to other peoples’… I’m not constantly wondering what people think of it or how I choose to live it… it’s a very freeing feeling. It also forces me to really connect with people I care about. I can no longer just connect by “liking” a picture… we actually have to talk on the phone now. #thehorror 

But a lot has happened since I’ve said goodbye to social media. I’ve been shedding all this baby weight! Hooray! We are also 2 weeks away from closing on our house up in the mountains. Finally! But I’ve also experienced the huge loss of someone close to me. Very close. It has been deafening and life altering. I felt numb for weeks after it happened. I guess that’s the bodies self defense mechanism so you can continue to live life after such a loss. Otherwise, how would we go on? 

My beautiful kids are thriving.

Ryatt is just about 10 months old. Still only has two teeth though!

Sutton started preschool! His smile is contagious.

Overall we are doing amazing. And hopefully I’ll be posting about our new house soon. Our closing date is March 23rd!

That is all for now ❤️