Every year I say “this is probably the last year I can combine parties”. And every year I surprise myself. I did it again! Zayden and Kinslie were born on the same exact day 2 years apart. July 26th. This year they are turning 8 and 6… and its terrifying. But this year I did something a little different. I’m a BIG party planner… I LOVE it. Every year I throw them a big party and every year hardly any other children show up. I couldn’t figure it out. Then it dawned on me… their birthday falls in the middle of summer. So families are on vacation or they forgot about then invitation we gave them on the last day of school over a month beforehand.

Duh. Right?

So THIS year I threw their party a month early… the weekend right after school let out. And the turn out was HUGE. I’m talking about 15 kids. And their parents. Do you know how many people that is?? HA. Too many.

I’m all about parties where I don’t have “host” per say. I don’t want to have to plan games and entertain… I just want to set up and then hang out. So this year we had our STEAL of an above ground pool. Seriously it is the perfect size and it was $87 at Big Lots. Steal. The other source of entertainment was this beauty…

A big blow up water slide That was big enough for multiple 8 years olds and small enough for my 2 year old. It was perfect. The kids love it. What’s better? We BOUGHT it on Amazon for $435 here. Seriously my favorite amazon buy ever.

And we did a “Pool Party” theme. Sounds cliche but it was totally cute and I had so much fun setting it up.

I mean how cute is this??

Birthday Cake and CupcakesNothing Bundt Cakes (the only place I buy cake from any more. DELICIOUS)

Candy containers and candy – Party City

Sunglasses cookies (I’ll post a close up of these cuties) – Sugar Plum Pudding  (I get my cookies from her EVERY year. She is located in the Menifee, CA area but will meet you to drop off cookies if you’re within a reasonable distance. Her cookies are AMAZING. All 30 of them were gone in like 15 minutes.)

P O O L letter bowls – Amazon

Popcorn bags – Party City

Curious about anything else?? Just drop a comment!

And her prices on her cookies are amazingly affordable.

Fun fact – I used about 16 lbs of Jelly Beans for this table. Between the candy containers, P O O L letters, and under the cookies. And yes… I just threw them away afterwards. Insane I know.

For party favors all the girls got bathing suit cover ups like the one Kinslie is wearing in this picture^. I’ll link them here. They each also got a pair of pink sunglasses.

The boys each got a beach towel and a pair of sunglasses.

Everything was a hit!