Yes! Number 4!

This is something Gregg and I have debated over the last couple of years… I mean, was 4 going to be too many? Could we handle it? Would we need a bigger house? We also played with the idea of fostering or adopting. We knew we had the love to give to another child… we just weren’t sure how or when. Gregg was pretty set that if we were going to get pregnant again that it would have to be before he turned 40 in March 2019. He didn’t want to be “old” and have a 10 year old. I mean I get it… but this is where our age difference gets us some times. We are 14 years apart. I am just turning 26 in October… so 4 kids at 26 seems crazy to me. Totally crazy. But I got over it.  I’ve always wanted a large family. I want the big family photos and crazy Christmases. I want to have so much family around me all the time that I don’t even know what to do with myself… thus here we are.

So much for my “health journey” right?? Kidding. I am still running! In fact I will be running my first 5k this weekend and then I’ll be running a 10k by Christmas! (I actually wasn’t totally sold on the 10k idea until I just typed it out… so consider that me speaking it into existence).  I am very early on in my pregnancy, but even at this point in my last pregnancy I was already bedridden. I was in such an unhealthy state… my body could barely handle the pregnancy. So I am very proud of myself at the moment. At the time of delivery with my youngest I reached 235 lbs. For me… that weight is absurd even at 9 months pregnant. And I REFUSE to let myself get like that again.

I am totally stoked to be pregnant through winter this time. All 3 of my past pregnancies lasted through the summer and it was miserable. We also lived in Texas… so I was swollen, huge, sweating, and trying to squeeze myself into outfits that were “comfortable” but also appropriate for the climate. That is nearly impossible in Houston heat. So for the first time ever I expect to get to wear cute fall/winter pregnancy outfits and not be chaffing in maternity shorts. Yay!

We will be finding out the gender at the end of November and YES we already have baby names picked out. I haven’t figured out how or when I want to announce the name once we find out the gender. I kind of expect people to have “opinions” on the names we chose… and as much as I don’t care… I don’t want to hear it either.

I will be keeping everyone up to date on the super cute maternity wardrobe I PLAN to acquire… life as a mother of 4… AND must have baby items in 2018/2019.