We finally decided to go ahead and announce baby Lloyd #4’s name! Ryatt Nathaniel Lloyd. We went back and forth on Nathaniel or Dawson as a middle name… but I was outnumbered. For the most part, people who knew the first name thought that Nathaniel flowed better.

I went back and forth on if I even wanted to announce it. People can be so judgmental and with a name pronounced like “Riot”… I was expecting to catch some slack for it. A few years ago when I decided to name my oldest Zayden… my Dad told me not to name him that because kids would call him “Satan”. Like really… Satan? Do you get the connection? Me neither. Well I named him Zayden any ways and no one has called him Satan thus far. So I’m going to go with my instincts again. We love the name Ryatt. It’s simple yet fun and different.

And even though Nathaniel was not my first choice… I suppose a very untraditional name paired with a highly traditional name sounds nice together and it will grow on me. I have only seen the name Ryatt two times in my life… but I wonder if it will grow in popularity as did my other childrens’ names.

Zayden – I had never heard it before back in 2011 but now I know multiple.

Kinslie – I had heard the name but had never met one before… and now I know 2-3.

Sutton – This one still remains to be very uncommon. I know 2 other people with this name and people are still taken aback by how different it is when he is introduced.

Do you prefer traditional names or uncommon ones???