I had very high expectations for this pregnancy. Like very high. I look back at my previous posts and laugh about the things I thought I would be able to accomplish. I also laugh at the fact that I thought I would buy a bunch of cute maternity clothes. The one thing I was definitely right about though was how much easier it was to be pregnant through fall and winter instead of spring and summer.

This pregnancy was much easier then my previous ones… I didn’t get a lot of morning sickness and my energy levels increased once I was in my second trimester. Now I almost feel totally normal… but more like a whale in many ways. And I’m a little more emotional then normal. I mean… it doesn’t help that we have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. So my tears are totally justified in my opinion.

Most days you can find me in sweat pants and a sports bra #classy. My feet are swollen every night and my fingers will swell up randomly. I wake up 5-6 times a night to pee and can only sleep if I am propped up. My feet are totally flat… no arch what so ever, so they are in constant pain right now with all the extra weight I am carrying and running after a toddler all day. I have a fractured spine because of a car accident back in 2014, so obviously being pregnant causes a lot of extra pressure back there and therefore MORE pain. And can we talk about groin pain?? Like I don’t remember ever having this before. Right in my groin area it is excruciating when I am walking around or trying to lay down and get “comfortable”. What is this?

Needless to say I am ready to be DONE. On the bright side I only have 6-7 weeks left. I say this because all 3 of my other children were born at 38 weeks and 2 days. And even if Ryatt does not follow this trend, my doctor has agreed to induce me at 39 weeks. I know a lot of people think that inducing labor is selfish and horrible… but I have my reasons. We are moving up into the mountains and an hour away from the hospital. With my last pregnancy my son was born 30 minutes after my water broke. Birthing a baby on the side of the freeway trying to get to the hospital is NOT something I’d like to experience. So I’ll take the Pitocin.

I’ve bought a lot of things I’m excited to tell y’all about… but I’m thinking it would be better to wait till baby is here and I can actually USE these things first. I’m in the process of ordering a new lens for my camera… so my photo quality game should be improving shortly.